Keep on Walkin' con Jachu on Bass

from by Nefftys y Juliano

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This is a song I wrote when i was living in Prague, that's why I say I came here from the other side of the world. Lol.


Let me tell you something about this girl
she came here from the other side of the world
she said fuck the rules, ill do what i want
and always stay true to my heart
things got hard like she knew they would,
like they always do, it was like dejavu
but she always comes through the fire,
through the wire like Kanye, but puts the bar even higher
you can never hide her, like the truth
comes up sooner or later no matter what you try to do
im like your favorite tune playin while you make love
now put your hands up if you cant get enough!
i said puff and give, we gotta do this kid, before the cops get here,
you never know how it is unless its your situation
so just keep on walkin, its now or never
i still remember how it felt to be so close to the edge trying to bring the end
but i know i still got shit to do left, trying to make things right, before i descend,
before i descend, before i descend, before i go home,
before i descend, which stop is next? man who knows..
i know its hard to stay on your feet, it feels like your about to fall in,
the weight has also made me wanna quit, but i have to keep on walkin..
i walked out the door today, thinkin that i got some more dough to make
easing the pain is easy, just like causin it
just gotta put the energy in the right place,
don't give me the space if you wanna try,
then you wont even be able to go and testify,
you can find me in the sky where i forget about the lies and regrets,
how they connect, check the context!
words are never enough, theres always something behind just gotta find out what
gotta make up your mind or this is where you end up,
only you can decide to get up or stay stuck!
duck if you have to, yeah, walk like a duck among them, so they don't try to stop you
yo trato de camuflagearme y de repente pregunten, y esa voz de donde sale?


from Nefftys y Juliano - En El Torbellino, released October 29, 2013



all rights reserved


Nefftys Mesa, Arizona

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